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The principle and the basic framework of the needle detector machine

1. The test probe by the detection of probe and the sensing probe, the formation of different specifications of the tested items by height, called the detection level.Needle detector machine the original reason: magnetic sensitive signal, hereinafter referred to as magnetic tangent.

2. The circuit control system, signal amplifying circuit and signal circuit alarm system, power protection circuit composed of three partsOriginal principle: by signal amplification more agile to capture the kind of foreign body, iron iron class foreign body impact damage under the condition of normal magnetic cutting line, twisted magnetic parting line, the circuit output trigger signal form the alarm circuit, to achieve the ideal effect of alarm detection

3. Electric machine: gear reduction of single-phase capacitor motor rotationThe original reason: turn gear ratio, reduce the load, and prolong life.Is the role of

4. The conveyor belt, conveyor belt to be detecting probe test for detection of vehicle, so the anti-static special material, knitting woven mesh cloth, the surface adhesion of special rubber, absolute guarantee that the conveyor belt does not contain a little iron and metal components, to ensure that the testing instrument without alarm

5. Check the needle body: made of steel frame, to test the bridge role of injection machine is the first frame of needle detector machine multi-function state structure.Make it more stable performance, electrostatic spraying, already beautiful can prolong service life.

6. The wing: exterior decoration, already more than early made of aluminium plate relative to iron play a signal shielding effect, because the aluminum shellPure hand-made, suitable for production of small manufacturers or customized non-standard machines, powerful manufacturers are using hard plastic shell mould project on its own.

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